We are hiring in Turkey and Iran

We are always looking for the best

We are always looking for the best. If you think that you desire to work in an ever improving, developing restaurants, and you desire to make a new and unique experience, you have your place in Turk doner. We work, live and grow together, and we improve ourselves. Mutual respect is one of our fundamental values. Friendship in workplace and seriousness in upgrading our services are a daily endeavor.

Advantages of hiring in Tarquin


Good salary and benefits

On time and suitable payments are the futures of Turk Doner. You will always get more as you improve and develop your abilities.



We don’t just work here, we want to make a long and professional friendship.



The education of our coworkers is important for us, and we always try to prepare a suitable situation for the development and expansion of their skills.

Job positions



The heart of the restaurant is its manager. He is able to manage multiple tasks at once. He should supervise the personnel, prepare the material and care about the customers.



The chef is one of the elemental and important members of the restaurant. Supervising the quality of cooking and improving the process of preparing the foods are among the responsibilities of the chef.


Simple worker

Considering the executive affairs and cleaning are among the responsibilities of simple workers.