About us

Where our story began...

Since 2000 until 2010, our factory in Urmia, among other activities, provided one-third of the meat needs of the Ground Forces of the Army. Late 2009, a new thing happened in front of our eyes. After a travel to Turkey and getting familiar with the different steps of making doner Turkish kebab, we decided to professionally import this production to Iran. So we consulted with some experts and after studying and evaluating, and by considering all hygiene standards, we equipped our factory with the latest technology and equipment for producing the doner kebab. We send some of our personnel to turkey and invited some Turkish expert to work with us. Finally, the first Turk doner branch opened in Urmia in 2013.

  • Establishment of the meat production factory

  • Orumieh branch opening

  • Rasht branch opening

  • Fatemi branch opening

  • Tehran-Vila branch opening

  • Sazman-e-Ab branch opening

  • Sari branch Opening

Certificates and Standards